1. Yuula Benivolski

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    Syoin Kajii - Nami

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    Antoine Bruy - Scrublands 

    "From 2010 to 2013, I hitchhiked throughout Europe with the aim of meeting men and women who made the radical choice to live away from cities…"


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    Brock Davis, torn paper held up over pine tree


  8. Bring the noise II


  9. Bring the noise.



    Need to see this

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    Philip Johnson, Research Nuclear Reactor, (1960)

    One of the least known buildings designed by Johnson is his 1960 nuclear reactor in Rehovot, Israel. It is a beautifully composed diagram, a building that seems almost timeless in it’s composition and texture: as much at home in the cities of Mesopotamia as it would be among the monasteries of the middle ages. It consists of a 250 ft. long and 120ft. wide tapered almost solid concrete base and similarly tapered concrete “tomb” that contains the nuclear reactor. The base of this massive “tomb” contains the research laboratories, which are grouped around a spacious court, arcaded in the manner of a medieval monastery. It could easily be mistaken for an abandoned mosque, which is most likely the undeclared intention of the security conscious Israeli authorities. One of Johnson’s strangest and most impressive monuments.


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    Maharao Umed Singh of Kota, Hunting at Night (Victoria & Albert Museum), Kota, 1790.

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    Xalapa, Veracruz-Llave



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  15. Mont Royal, Montreal. From the archives.